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Lewis Buttress

I'm passionate about solving problems

A proven leader with several years experience in defining vision and delivering in fast paced environments. A Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) since 2013, who builds teams and empowers all areas of a business with data-driven decisions and a customer focus.

I've delivered award winning products for market leading companies including:
NET-A-PORTER, BBC News, VoucherCodes and Lyst

Currently Head of Product at MutualArt in London, UK

Here's a few things I've worked on

Recommended Exhibitions On The Go

Alongside the development and relaunch of, we launched our first iOS application, providing members with personalized recommendations of art events wherever they go. A very simple MVP to be a companion experience with the website that's fully optimized for discovering exhbitions.

Trending Fashion Discovery

Lyst is a business which aggregates millions of fashion products weekly, combined with a great SEO strategy which plays an affiliate role between Google and Merchant. I worked with marketing and editorial to define and rollout a new strategy around using our high volumes of data to provide a new way of discovering fashion trends.

Redefining Local News

I was responsible for Local News, World Service and Smart TV during a time where we modernised to one single responsive codebase. I worked with internal and external journalists to redefine how the BBC was perceieved by audiences. From large stakeholder workshops to closed geographical testing, we launched a completely new way to author and consume news in your area using live streams, data aggregation and pan-BBC workflows.

Weekly Content & Commerce

Content and Commerce has always been the backbone of NET-A-PORTER (which is where I first started as a Web Developer). After Apple announced the iPad we were all very excited and determined to see how we could bring our editorial archive to fashion lovers. Our first prototype was on a foam cut out of an iPad because that’s all we had to go on, but seeing the finished product was so much better!

Instore Vouchers

I was amazed to see the process for redeeming instore vouchers - requiring print at home vouchers when 50%+ traffic is on a mobile device. The challenge is that every merchant has a different point of sale system. The team and I overhauled the user experience of instore vouchers to support new campaigns with Tesco and Krisphy Kreme.

Consultancy & Mentoring

Two problems are never the same in Product Development.

Having someone to bounce ideas off, can really help breakdown the daily challenges. I love to connect with new people to help with advice, prototyping, creating MVPs or helping with pitch materials.


Gustavsberg Harbour, Sweden (DJI Mavic Pro)

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Hythe, Hampshire UK (DJI Mavic Pro)